Sustainable Reef Harvest

We’ve all witnessed some of the devastation that Climate Change can wreak on our nation and our planet. At Australian Coral Sales, we believe that to whatever extent we can reduce, mitigate or reverse the negative impacts of human activity on our planet, we are duty-bound to try.

In 2010 a Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment was conducted that produced some alarming results regarding the overall health of the Great Barrier Reef and the countless species that call it ‘home’. This prompted a wide cross-section of marine industry players to meet and devise a plan that allowed for marine resources to be harvested and profited from but only in sustainable ways so that future generations could also enjoy those same benefits.

From this exercise, the report, “Stewardship Action Plan 2013: Mitigating Ecological Risk in a Changing Climate” was developed through funding by Caring For Our Country and Pro-vision Reef Inc. It outlines which species should not be harvested, which ones may and the acceptable methods for harvesting and generally interacting with the Reef. Agencies that are committed to this action plan can be identified by their Pro-Vision Reef Membership. At Australian Coral Sales, we partner exclusively with Pro-Vision Reef Members in alignment with our sustainability focus. This is particularly important due to the nature of our industry.

Many of the products we sell can also be sourced outside of Australia’s waters under conditions that fall short of our regulations/standards at cheaper prices. This often poses a significant danger to marine life as well as the people involved in the harvesting. Rather than compete on price, our products are of a much higher quality and come with the added comfort of helping maintain the health and beauty of the marine environment we all love.

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